Children’s Biscuits

These are a firm favourite at birthday parties as biscuits are easily adapted and can be personalised to suit what your child is in to! So far, aeroplanes, trains, lorries, cars, cats and dinosaurs on cookies have gone down well! Whatever your child is into it’s worth taking a look at the galleries for some ideas! Whatever the latest craze, I will be able to ice it on a biscuit!

Don’t forget that biscuits make the perfect ‘going home’ treat. Instead of the expense and faff of sorting out ‘Goodie Bags’ for the end of the party, why not ask for children’s names to be iced directly onto a biscuit which can be presented beautifully in a clear cellophane bag, with ribbons to match any party theme! Prices start from just £1.50 per biscuit as a great alternative to a goodie bag.

You can also find my current designs for DIY cookie kits and Gift boxes in my shop.